A Young Heart

A young heart takes, love better than an old one
When young love is gone, There's always a new one
Till you feel like nothing new
Is ever coming around for you

If we had to remember
Every time I got let down
Where would we be right now

A young heart can heal, better than an old one
My heart been broken in so many pieces
I may never want to pick them up again
and thats a ok, do you remember when?

When it felt like it could get better
Even when we knew better
When we bet on the beach
Against all of that snowy weather
And we drove on….
To the places we felt like we belonged
Even more than
The place where we come from

A young heart tells lies, better than an old one
Theres nothing I could say or do,
To make you forgive what I have said and done
That's why we run

But where could we be now
If we never let it down