These old songs come around again
And again and again and again my friend
Here we are again

The way I feel hasn't changed since back then
Its goes from bad to worse and back again my friend
Here we are again

This is life and this is where we've been
And I'd trade it in if I could my friend
Life is full of promise, then it disappoints again
Here we are again

The good times are hard to not believe
Just like the way you had to leave
And I took such pride in letting go
Never had to happen If I coulda let you see
That this is ME
I couldn't let you know

I keep thinking I'll write something new
But nothing's changed between me and you
I keep going from her back to there again

And that shoal has become an oxbow
Beaten in from all we don't know
The only truth remains I miss my friend
Here we go again

Here we go again, down that old familiar road
Here we go again, The nights are warm and then their cold
Here we go again, Instead of the better things we've known
I guess we don't

So here we go go again.