All Those Years

She woke up feeling older than the girl
staring back at her in the mirror
All the things she gave up to forget the past
From this perspective are a little bit clearer
She knows she's made some big mistakes in this life
And its too late for her to even try to regret them
She's just gonna move on and leave it all behind
Forget the life and the one she lived with


For all those years
She stayed there even though
For all those years
All she wanted she needed more
For all those years
She was looking at the door
For all those years she waited

She said we need to talk and asked him to leave
Said she wasn't happy with him and he agreed
And told him how she felt asked if he could try
To do the little things and never make you cry
He said he was sorry, and he was doing all he could
To make her feel loved and make the bad times good
She had to admit she used to love the little things he did
But the little things he forgets, all add up to the end


So there it was a final goodbye for the better
And She Sent him Away with nothing but a letter
And he took it in his hand, with a teardrop in his eye
Couldn't stand to look at her and hear her say goodbye
So he just drove away and pretended not to care
And she watched him go, though it didn't seem fair
There was always so many things she loved about him
Now she lives in the shadow of what might have been.