American Dreams

I lived the American Dream, In Another Life
High rise condo downtown, Pretty little wife
But it didn’t really work out, I guess I’m not the type
Lots of pretty little things, And ugly little lies

It all fell apart in an instant, The lies always do but
Somewhere in-between here, and there is still be and you well
The truth of the matter is, It don’t matter anymore
All these years gone by, Never knowing what they’re for

All the beauty of the world it sat the heart of every smile
And the smallest things tend to mean the most
Why do I always always tend to remember and hold against
Wonder why we’re living with these ghosts

There’s more energy in the space between you and me
Than everything we’ve come to know
And we could travel that distance in an instant
if we could just let go and feel our way back home.

Took that trip, Ten years ago now
It’s been kinda hard, But I gotta let it go cuz
It’s a different world, And I’m a different man
Knowing who I’ not is just a little closer,
To knowing who I am