And He Lied

She's been hurt out here
And she hides the pain in there
She asks herself everyday
What makes her push him away
She knows he is a gentleman
But she'd rather have less better men
she swoons at the songs he writes for her
And he tries not to care

And she lies and he believes
About all the things they have
And why she always leaves
And he lies and she believes
About the way he feels
And how he knows she never will

She cares to much to let him go
And she's to scared to let him know
She pulls him in like easy prey
But her love hurts, it pushes him away
Even though they can't be lovers
Maybe he can record her covers
But they both know they are lying
about how they feel, on the inside dying


He went to see her last night
Just to see if he was still right
And she captured him again
Like hell her hold never ends
Another lie he tries to believe
Cuz she' already made plans to leave
And so he goes home alone, like he's been all along
And remembers never again like she said to him
the last time
She did him in