There's nothing left in me
There's no reason anymore
Nothing, means nothing to me
I can't use it anymore

I lost it a long time ago
I never even tried to get it back
From here I can see it all to clear
The past

There's nothing left in my mind
There's no reason anymore
Anything, that meant anything
I can't see it anymore

It Still Haunts me
I just can't seem to let it go
You asked me if I’m even trying
I looked at you and just said no
You looked at me with the helpless wonder
That comes with believing the strung out
Lies of a misfit
All I saw was you looking down
But there was hope in your eyes for me
And I missed it

There's nothing left in my heart
There's no reason anymore
Everything, you know it means everything to me
I can't Feel it anymore
I can’t see it anymore
I can’t be it anymore
I can’t use it…..