Be True

And I wonder if you, Can believe in me
Or will you continue to deceive me
But I, Must keep on trying
Will you insist on lying to yourself
I’m asking you, To thine own self be true

You know that we, Will find a way
Back home to yesterday
Before the money, And the lying
I swear that Hollywood is trying to kill you
There’s nothing I can do

But be True…

When I turned around, You had turned away
I pray to god, Can you hear me
I know you never really wanted me
Its so hard with eyes that see what could have been
What’s gonna be and I’m asking you, can you help me pull through

Be true…

When I turned around, Didn’t know what to say
And you know the truth, But you turned away
And you say what you say and you hate me
Remember today because I’ll be gone tomorrow
and you wanted me to stay And you know it’s true
No matter what you do, just be true

Written by ~ Gabriel Parker ~