Better Than The Last

I pulled out of town just after sunrise
I-5 South rolls too easy from the home
I've come to know since my teens
Maybe a man like me can't see
Settling down too long in one place
Maybe that's just how I make it seem

Long drives alone are a good place
To think about the life you've built
With the time you can't have back
And the glare from the sun
Through the dirt on the window
Makes the road behind hard to track

But I feel alive, maybe for the first time
I'm running towards the future not from my past
Most of us spend our lives running in circles
Never knowing why were going round so fast
Cause I feel alive Like my life is mine
Maybe this time around, will be better than the last

The sun sets down out over the ocean
Drawing down another day on the road
That takes me away from home
I've only been on this trip a week
Maybe I've been on this road for years
Either way I'll spend tonight alone