Between Me And You

There's a smile stretching across my face
From the sounds slipping from your lips
You paint me little pictures with your words
That brush my face like your fingertips

There are words I used to throw around
And a word I haven't used in years
It's been that long since I found someone
That came to me and took away my fears

You'll be here tomorrow, tonight your on my mind
I think about the way you move, I think about you all the time
And you feel good, in my dreams, in my heart and in my hands
And I feel good when you're with me, time and time again
Life has left us both with cold hearts that have been burned
And Im out here on the road, you're not sure that Ill return
I'm not ready to call it love we both know that that's not true
But this could be the start of something big
Between me and you

There is a time for love, and letting go
Of the things that have come and gone away
Love has no end but some things do
So smile baby, we still have today