By The Time I Get There

By the time I get there
You may not want me around
Cause I'll be gone again
Before too long
Living from a tip jar
People paying to be my Friends
Could never compare
to where you are

And though I miss you
I always miss you
I wonder why keep me around
I'm always gone
Way too long
And time with you is always running out
You’re always there
When I get there
I wonder why you stick around

By the time I get there
Maybe you'll be hanging around
If I get lucky you could take me home
Living this life on the road
People pretending to be my friends
Is how I know I've been gone too long

I always let go of the things I need the most
How did I let you get so far?
I can feel you slipping through my fingers
I never know quite where you are

By the time I get there
You may not be there
Got a real bad feeling I'll be home alone
Going so long without you
Has been hard to push through
Little thoughts of you are what get me home