Cared Scared And Scarred

There is only one letter between cared scared and scarred
But if you notice the words get heavier along the way
We tend not to look, cause once you see comes the hard part
And once you know, you know you won't ever be the same

How is it that we all know what were here for
But we deny we know the path from here to there
It's too hard to bridge success with feeling
We're all to busy to help, but not to swear we care
But work comes hard first thing in the morning
And we all have to go pay for our things
So if you must spend your tomorrow making money
I'll spend mine living both our dreams

I feel so alone and empty, though I know I'm not the only one
Who has been to busy to notice where all the life has gone
But I can still remember being six in the summer sun
I know I can get back there, the place where we were one

Though I've tried to make a living at so many things
I was only ever good at doing this
I can't go on fighting the nothings left
I'm taking back the parts of me I miss