Darlin' you know I hope I'm wrong
But I feel you slowly slippin' away
Just something in the way you move
Feels like I'm reaching farther every day
I know we've both been burned by love
And there is nothing I can say
But it ain't over till you say goodbye
I can hold on just one more day

I know you feel you're life's a mess
You know that loving me is a test
We've been waiting for so long
How could feeling this good be wrong
We've got a lot to loose
I want to spend my life with you
I want to see what you can be
I want you to share it with me
I don't care what could go wrong
We don't have to be alone

Darlin' you know I hope I'm wrong
With what I feel about what you say
Maybe we're better on our own
Once you've been hurt it's hard to play
It's hard to know if this is right
And we won't know for quite a while
It's not over till you say goodbye
And we can make it if we try

Darlin' you know we can make it right
If we refuse to run and hold on tight
We could be wrong but baby it ain't right
to play it safe and give up the light
I refuse to let my fear run my life
For just this once I need to know I tried
And I hope you never go away
We can make it just one more day