Done In West Virginia

I got family out in Texas
I keep my dreams in Tennessee
They got me workin in West Virginia
I think they're tryin’ to bury me

Cause these hills are all day long
And you ain't gotta work fast
But you ain't leavin till it's done
When your supper is cold and everyone's asleep
Start livin’ like a ghost everywhere you wanna be
You’re alone again you know it's five am
Sunday mornin’ comin’ down
Baby here we go again

For my family out in Texas
I ain't got time for Tennessee
I'm still workin in West Virginia
It ain't where I wanna be
Most of us ain't home but we live here
We got old ladies and babies
Wishin’ we were near
This is who we are this is what we do
Putting it all on the line, to bring a little on home to you

To my family out in Texas
And my dreams in Tennessee
I'll keep workin in West Virginia
Even if it buries me

This ain't Texas and they'll let you know
If you can't get it done, go on down the road
Been doing this since god knows when
Cut a living from these hills

We pray we make it in

Back to my family in Texas
Maybe live some dreams in Tennessee
I think I'm done in West Virginia
Maybe there's time for you and me