Down The Line

This guitar is my life or what there is left of it
It's given mine back to me just might take the rest of it
But I won't mind, if it gets me down the line

This guitar is everything that I never had
It's been the cause of moments many good many bad
But I won't mind , if it gets me down the line

When you stop asking question
And start doing what feels right
Life reveals the Path you wanted
But never thought you'd find
Life’s so fast these days
Who knows what it means
I'm gonna stop working on it
And start playing for my dreams

Cause being poor with your best friend
Is better than being rich alone
Someone who can tell your tales
And remember what you've done yeah they don't mind
They just get you down the line

This guitar can be salvation for everything you've done
It can feel like damnation when it's let's me know why I'm alone
It steals my time.
But I don't mind
Cause it gets me.
dDown the line.