Give It On Back To You

This thing I plan to do is save my
It seems a little crazy, maybe it can save you
Reality is just what everyone believes
And Im ok with you thinking I’m crazy too

Ill pack up my things, tomorrow I’ll leave
I guess I ain’t the only one loves being lonely
We both know I wasn't the best thing on the map
In the morning light , you'll be closing your tab

And I sing songs about you, Maybe they are about me
Ill sing you songs that make you cry, Maybe they could make you sing
I wish I could find the words to say HaaLaLaLaLaaaDaDee
But Ive been trying for years now and they still wont come to me

And from there it might seem like I was the one
And from here you seem kinda hard hard to replace
But I know you as well as you know me
I probably just miss your face


Still the music goes un noticed
And the years go around the bend
If you can’t keep it honest
Just keep it in your head
After all this time I'm still not sure what to do
Guess I'll put it out there, and give it on back to you