Go There Again

She said there's a gypsy in my soul
That keeps on trying to find a home
But I never get there no matter where I roam
I gone from state to state and town to town
But they never feel like settling down
Every time I end upvso alone

I won't do it again, I can't do it again
I've been looking for the future, while staying where I've been
I won't do it again, I can't do it again
There just ain't enough left in side of me
I've come too far to give up being free

He said I been through all that with you
And I gotta admit I that I can feel it too
That subtle loss of space between me and you
But there ain't nothing we need to change
Everywhere we've been the same
That home we're both needing is me and you

I wanna do it again, I can we do it again
I've been looking for our future, wondering where you been
I wanna do it again, let's do it again
Baby there's just enough left, in side of us
We're more than what's left, we are what was

There ain't nowhere we ain't tried
To find that love we feel like's died
We just ain't looking far enough inside
Cause somewhere in there are the days
Filled with all the love we made
Maybe all we need to do is say…

Let's do it again,I wanna do it again
we still have a future, because of where we've been
Let's go there again, We can go there again
We’re more that what there is, we’re all there was