Hotel Pablo Hotep

My bags are packed and sitting by the door
This place looks dirty, feels crazy, and acts sick
I don't have any reason to stay here anymore
As I turn to leave it'll play me one last trick
Don't go I need you, I can't be alone
It's cold dark and scary here and it don't feel like home
I gotta find somewhere safe a place I can hide
I feel like I'm checking out of the hotel in my mind

But I'm safe at...
Hotel Pablo Hotep in sunny valley springs
It's better here than at your house
We have a pool, a bar and finer things
Here at hotel Pablo Hotep things are never messy
The way things in your life tend to be
We hope you enjoyed your stay at our villa by the bay
Hotel Pablo Hotep, Sunny Valley Springs, USA
My bags are still packed sitting by the door
I remember leaving things a mess, but this is sick
Dried food on the counter roaches on the floor
Message on the machine, she still thinks I'm a dick
Why won't you leave me alone don't you know how much I hate you
She'll be by later on tonight to take one more shot at my pride
I have to act fast and straighten up before she gets here
She'll be by later on tonight to put out all my lights

I pick up my bags and finally leave my mind
It feels good better than anything else I've tried
I won't go back to that, not for any reason I find
I won't be used, not by you I just leave it all behind
crazy is a state of mind don't you know I feel ok
Walking and talking to yourself strangers look the other way
I'm finally somewhere I belong and I don't have to leave
I have a permanent room here and I can be who I wanna be