How We Play The Game

Every day is a struggle out here
But it doesn't have to be
There's always work for six or ten
Usually done by two or three
And it's easy to get right mad
At those ain't towing the line
But every day we make it home
So I guess that'll do just fine

We used to have something to do
Now we just work
Every day all day long
Until we just hurt
We all got our reasons
In the end they're all the same
Don't none of it mean a thing
It's just how we play the game

Cause if you spend everyday mad at them
You ain't never makin’ it through
And there ain't no kind of being right
That makes it easy to do
I'll Just keep on working and sweating no matter what
And keeping my mouth shut
You just keep napping in the creek
I guess you've had enough


It's easy when you realize every day is all the same
Maybe in 100 degrees, sometimes in the rain
Ain't no amount of you not being enough
Can take away from what I am
You can keep on being a pipeliner
I'll keep on being a man