I'm Trying

Sometimes all I want to say
is Im sorry but it never goes that way
I always end up drawing blood for nothing
I got something sick inside of me
That can't take the blame and just you it be
I need you to know Im sorry,... yeah but I was right

Months go bye, hurt eyes dry, and shadows fade into the night
And I start to believe that maybe I have changed.
We make up we make friends Then we break hearts again
And months go by, because we are the same

But I'm trying, …. this is me trying, ……….. to change

Seems Like all you want to do is forgive me
And I'd love you to but I don't have it in me
Because I know…. What I know

But I'm trying, …..I'm trying, ……….. to change

Nights of Joy turn to days of hate
And Months of silence shadow yesterday
And smiles fade away, And that's me trying

It starts of laughing and then we yell
Maybe all these bits of hell
Are what it takes, could we be friends… Hey what do you say