I Don't Think I Do

I'm so scared that I'm out of my mind,
I'm running so fast I feel like I'm blind
I think I know what I want but I don't think I do
I'm so confused, that I start making sense,
When I try to run it by all my friends
They say they understand but I don't think they do

Why is everything just so hard to believe,
why do I still have nothing to do
Why is everyone always better than me,
Why do I still have something to prove
Why is everyplace filled with all my disgrace,
I think I don't care but I think I do

I'm so lonely I don't know myself,
the court recommends professional help
They think they know what's wrong,
But I don't think they do
I'm so tired I need some relief,
Someone or something that I can believe
I believe it's a matter of faith,
But I don't think I do

I'm so angry why can't you hear me,
I've been raging so long that I'm weary
I think I made my point,
But I don't think I did
I'm so done with expectation, ups and downs,
And fuzzy relation-ships
I think I want some more,
But I don't think that I do