I Miss Somethin'

I miss something
Maybe a person, maybe a place, maybe my life
I've been searching
For a way to change what I feel from wrong to right
I been working
Too much to slow down and wonder how I feel inside
I been hurting
Cause deep down I know I've wasted my time

What's this time, what's the point
Is there really here or there
Does it matter toss a coin
This is my life, it's a long road
Do I really have a future
Can I really have and hold
This is my path this is the point
Life is always changing
The trick is knowing where I'm going
I won't be there, but I'm on my way
There is no destination
Take it day by day

I miss something
Maybe my youth, maybe my friends, maybe my wife
I've been searching
For a way to feel like I don't have to hide
And I've been working
At picking up the truth, and putting down the lies
I been hurting
The pain slowly runs away with the tears in my eyes

I miss something
Maybe a dream, maybe a chance, maybe the point
I've been searching
For something in my heart to fill the void
I been working
At a slow but steady pace on my soul
I been hurting
But these days I'm learning it's o.k. to just let go