I Never Asked

I never asked you why
Cause I didn't want the answer to change me
Although Is been no for all these years
You and I come and go but never come together
After all this time its still unclear, Just what we’re doing here

You told me once
That he was here to lead you to me
And we danced around the room
After all this time that night let me believe
Every night since then, Baby I'm a fool
There’s nothing I can do

That was the moment I realized
All hope had left
Time to let go and just forget
I tried to take the memories
And not the regret regret
I still wear that night on my wrist
I always will I guess

Cause you ain't gonna be the one who takes me home
The one who shows my heart love It’s never known
You ain't gonna be the one who sets me free
It’s all in me