I Still Cared

My dad died October 18, 2001
He lost his mind, overdosed on heroin
So much left unsaid, so many things we left undone
I just wanted a dad, he just wanted a son

I always knew it would come but not like this
All your power is gone, left with just your kiss
It' way too late to make it all ok cause you're not really there
In this life you lost everything but that piercing stare
You died today, and though I didn’t know you
Somehow I still cared

Life with you wasn't always perfect, but there were times it was beautiful
I can remember the joy of my third birthday, and the times you were out of control
25 years to forgive you enough to realize I loved you in spite of it all
25 more to forgive myself for not picking up, when you made the call

its been three years since you died I know its strange but I think about you every day
I wonder if you would be proud, I hope you know I was never ashamed
I'll never know if you heard me that day, just before you died
But I hope you finally found some peace, and at least I know I tried