I Was Wrong

I've been living in fear for my whole life
Everything I knew the tears and lies
It's all I can do to make it right
When I finally learned to let it go
It's amazing how it made me whole
And I know it's my turn to walk inside the light

It's amazing the way things change
Like the way I knew everything
Then one day I woke up and I was wrong
No was yes and yes was worse
It felt like I'd lost all I's worth
One day I woke up and I was wrong

I've learned there's nothing I can do
To make things right between me and you
And there's nothing I can say to ease my mind
I've also learned what I can be
I can give truth and love and honesty
And I can leave those bitter parts of me behind

There's still fear in my life when I don't live it
There's still pain in my life when I don live it
I'm still angry in my life when I don't live it
But I can't change my life if I don't live it
I gotta let it fade away (4x)
Before I loose my mind
So I let go of the fear and let go of my mind
Somehow that flimsy reed was enough to save my life
And I don't need to understand it And I don't need it explained
I just need to trust and trudge and change when I want to stay the same