I Wouldn't Lie To You

If you look at me from far enough away
You'd probably like what you see
I look pretty, and like money, but that ain't me
I'm the things you do alone no one knows about
I'm the hole in your heart
You can't live without

Let's get down
To the truth or the point it just depends
We could drink enough to tell stories, maybe make amends
Maybe remember why we're old friends
I put a little extra on stories we all do
But we're still here, drinking beer and I wouldn't lie to you

I look old in my own eyes but I feel just like a kid
Haven't learned a god damn thing from anything I ever did
Some how now I'm the old man, people asking me the point
All I can say is shits ok, let's roll us up a joint


Everyday feels wrong when you show up for money
It's what we all have to do, but tell me it don't feel funny
The way your heart stops every morning nine am
Most of us never ain't never been convicted
But we all live in the pen