Let It Slide

I remember staring at you
from across the room
When we were in the fifth Grade
Your boyfriend laughed
But you looked at me
As if you wanted to say
Things that we wouldn't know for 20 years

And in junior high
You caught my eye
Somehow I still couldn't tell
The years went by
BAnd so did I
Guess I never knew you well
But for years I dreamed of what you could be like
I'm thirty now, but somehow you still cross my mind
I guess its just the regret of chances we never took
Every now and then we just have to look

And I can see you dancing in the ballroom
It wasn't with me but my eyes were still on you
Years gone bye you still caught my eye
You said you would save just one dance
I know now that was my one chance
But I let it slide, out of my life

Years gone by now
What you wrote me
Just sank in
School was over
You said that you hoped
To see me again
For years you were all I thought I'd ever want
Youth is blind and there were so many things I never saw
Like you that I never saw again
Why does it take so long for the pieces to fit
I guess thats the distance between a boy and a man
someone who let's love slide, and one who takes your hand

I can see me leading you across the ballroom
You're with me my eyes are on you
Years gone by maybe you'd be by my side
You said you'd save me just one dance
But I knew that was my last chance
After all this time, we never let it slide