Like I Always Do

You can learn all you need about me
Just by listening to me play my guitar
My fingers are played hard and their calaced
you could say the same thing for my heart
I can paint you pitiful Lies
To justify my broken home
You might see me with my friends
But mostly I go it alone

I'll tell you things’ll be wonderful
Then I'll show you the truth
I’ll tell you baby I’m the on
I’ll even show you forty proof
It’s best to not start listening
To what I’m telling you
It will hurt but you'll believe me...
Just like I always do

You can learn all you need about me
by listening to the songs I sing
My words are sincere and silver tongued
And never what I really mean
It's easy to sell you these lies
Even I can't tell them from the truth
Sure I've written this song before
But baby this time it's about you

You can learn all you need about me
From listening to the silence
That comes after you bare your heart
And see me staring in to the distance
As I decide whether to keep up the lies
Or take the time to tell you the truth
Truth is I'll say anything I can to hide
That I already know what I'm going to do