Long Time Gone

A long times gone since the last time
I woke up with no worries on my mind
this life is a funny dream
And I'll never understand a thing
Im getting all I want these days
Quit my job for a love that stays
Im a workin professional gettin' all the pay
still I cry at the end of the day

I sit and think of all I had back when
And I let my mind run away again
back to you and the life we used to live
That house that dog those kids
I wonder what the hell went wrong
You've been gone so long
I guess I never realized
My life rose and set in your eyes
There's nothing left of me with you gone
just an empty shadow as the sun goes down

It'll be a long time again till I'm happy alone
When I'll wake up and not care that your gone
This life I can't seem to laugh at
Won't explain itself, and I'm confused
Though life is good and good to me
Had all I wanted when I had you with me
This life has changed and burned twists and turned
I look back see it all know I'll never learn

Never wanted to spend my time
Thought that I had you, you would always be mine
But now you've left me
And I see a harsh reality
The life we lived
And all we didn't give
The life I had with you
Another thing I should never do