Look And See

He was in to music
She was in her room
We stayed up all night jamming
And she was watching tube
They were married
And I remembered how it felt
To be with someone who wanted
To be with someone else

When you look and see
Remember how it used to be
Back when it was fun and new
Nothing you would rather do
But now its all old and stale
Separate worlds, a living hell
Ever wonder when it went away
Remember all the great yesterdays
And how it used to be
When you look and see

All the lies this life tells you
Are all the lies you believe
Are all the things that make you feel ok
and make you stay and not leave
Even when you know it's wrong
You're just too scared to quit
You would rather be un happy
than let go and admit

She came out every now and then
And gave me dirty looks
He was playing phish
She was looking for her smokes
I remember when I first met them
Love was new and they were in
now they are both hiding
From A life of love again