Some things get trampled on
And somehow make it through
Some things get stomped out
There ain't a thing you can do
This life don't play fair
There's always someone willin to cheat
As long as it ain't your heart
That winds up in defeat

There'll always be another day
And baby it's gonna rain
And even that's ok
Every joy brings a little pain
It's up to me and you
We always make it through
There's always somethin’ in the way
As long as it ain't me or you

We're gonna make it through
Right on down to the end of this road
There ain nothing else to do
And no one else I wanna hold
In your heart, and in my mind
I've already walked this road, a million times with you
It's all I wanna do
We're gonna make it through


Some day whets it's over
And one of us has to move on
We say goodby for the last time
And move into the sun
One of us will have to keep going along
Maybe sad but still be glad we had this song