My Ring

We still talk every now and again
After so long it'd be a shame not to be her friend
We sit and talk about all the reasons why
It it always seemed we had to say goodbye

her new man thinks she still has issues with me
And I hate to have to say that I agree
Because sitting there on her hand on her pretty little hand
Is a ring she got from me

She still wears my ring
The sparkling diamond, that platinum band
Yeah she still wears my ring
But she wears it on the other hand

if you ask her shell tell you
its not there because she misses me
it sparkles and shines there on her hand
its just something she likes everyone to see

She doesn't see it as an old broken promise the way it is
she only sees it shine a forgets the life we used to live
It looks pretty on the outside
the way we always did

And she'll probably never understand
why it makes me feel the way I still do
She only see's it sparkle and shine for her
a token of the love she wasn't afraid to loose