My Visa's Platinum

Ain't got nothin' to do today
I ain't got no job
I ain't even gonna get dressed today
Just gonna sit around like a slob
It's been a while since I've relaxed
Took time to slow down
It's been a while since I felt alive
Get dressed we're going out

Going out on the town tonight
Going out of my mind
Gonna run through my money tonight
Gonna have a good time
I don't care what we do tonight
As long as we have fun
Ain't no one gonna tell us no tonight
My visa is platinum

Maybe if I had a job
And had somethin' to do
I wouldn't be crashin’ on her couch
And eatin' all her food
To be honest I feel bad
For all the loungin' and layin' about
To be more honest I don't feel bad
Fuck it, we're going out

It's been a while since I've had the time
To do nothing and let go
Sit around singin' and writing songs
And dream of being on the radio
But I'm runnin’ out of money
She ran me off her couch
This umemployment shit ain't funny
Fuck it were going out