Real Life

I've been around enough blocks to know that they're all pretty much the same
Here and there they all seem different in the end it always rains
I've been to the Antarctic, and the north pole, even Mexico a time or two
There's people here just like there's people there, I got nothing left to prove

I want a real life, so I don't have to be alone
I want a real life, I'm tired of on the road
I want a real lIfe, so tired of on my own
I want a real life, So I don't have to be alone

The problem with not settling down is finding someone to go along
There's been times when this or that one thought they could hold on
It ain't about being with someone else, I know that's not what I need
It's just about having someone to talk to whose seen what I've seen

Someone once told me life was out there just waiting to be found
Been running around looking for answers, just a little stable ground
I found out the answers aren't out there, you have to look inside to see
I been a million places trying to find the all answers, all I found was me