Irritation creeps in first thing in the morning
My alarm clock gives it’s warning
Here comes another day
I get up, stare at it through bloodshot weary eyes
Turn it off and go back to bed
Wonder why I’m still alive

Just one man living the dream, one dream at a time
So hard not to get in the way, hard not to lose my mind
I don’t normally get too soft, you know I stand my ground
I’ve worked way too hard to give up now and go turn it around

Motivation, slips away most days right about noon
When there’s still too much to do, and I don’t seem to care
About the job, the boats, and the shows
If it all means so much, why does no one know What it is
Or if its really even there


Revelation, comes through in waves in and out of the day
It’s hard to see my life that way, but believe me when I can
Life makes just a little more sense,
Like it might be worth getting off the fence
And remembering that I am , more than the man that I was
And even more than the man that I am