Right Now

Ya know, when I saw you last week
And the way you were looking at me
The way your eyes were telling me
What your lips never could
But your body eventually would
I remembered how much fun we used to have
When I loved you
When you used to love me too
And so here you are, one of my best friends
There were times when you were my only friend
Even when I would abandon myself to alcohol or worse
You were there to make sure I made it home alive
And this is how I repaid you
Not with lies necessarily
But certainly with half truths
And I know I'm a weak person who is not worthy
Of all the good things you tell people about me
The kind who would let you believe
Something more could happen here
Than just old friends enjoying each others bodies
The way we used to
Just for old times sake I thought
But it was never so trivial to you,
Not even then,
And even less now
So after we have done this,
And I can't take it back
I remember I did love you, back then
And you remind me how much you love me
Right now.....