True North

True north comes from within and most of us don't know
Where were goin' day to day, much less when we're below
You had a compass that to me was lookin' south
But for you it was true north, the only one you cared about

We should have been friends long before we met up north
We haunted the same jobs and bars, and people we adored
And those who really knew us saw us smiling through the tears
I didn't know you long but I put you in my songs
So I could carry you with me for all my years

We met in Alaska you had a scar on your head
The way you looked at me I thought you were thinkin' about me dead
But we became friends about the time i caught you lookin' south
There was always a smile right behind that constant frown


We met back up in Seattle, I didn't know what you went through
That night you came home smilin’ not showing what was true
I woke up to a message at dawn tellin’ me you were just passin’ through
I wish we'd had a little more time but there's nothing I could do