Haven't you left yet, don't stick around here for our sake
It was quite a shock to me, the beautiful girl behind the bar was you
Maybe the Burboun and coke my dad taught you to make Will be enough
To let me tell you how I feel but not enough to break and cry
I take it tip you and walk across the bar room and I
Drink it down with bitter memories of how its gone too far

untie visions of us you left with me
that I don't want to see or feel
without your eyes to see it in me
one last time
Bring me another drink, Give me another smile
Act like we're the friends we were all the while
making nice and playing fair the lies and pain of denial
Am I staying here all night just to see the bands
Id never tell you I'm here to see your face
I'm not here looking for love just someone to replace you

Time to go I've had my fill of whiskey and your face
Drink down the last of my crown and head down the road alone
I think I'm getting tired of life and the crazy tricks it plays
It denies me everything the way you always did
Deny the vow that put that ring on your hand
Mock my little games of love the way I know you can