We Go Rollin

I couldn't sleep so I puled out of town
Headed to the next one farther down the line
I started laughing when I saw that full moon rise
Beautiful stars on a crazy mind

We go rollin down the road never knowing what it is we're trying to find
Round about the time we get it figured out, we're always out of time
I've found love and lost it too many times down that lonely road
Maybe the next time I find it, I'll just take it on home

I stopped off at a truck stop outside of Dallas
Though at six am I might get some sleep
The soothing sound of cars driving past me
Guess we all have somewhere we’d rather be

Memphis sure seemed like magic in the evening
The lights and sound on Beale street never stop
I had just enough time to stop here for the night
These days it seems like that's always all I got