We Was Kids

It's only easy when it rains
When it comes for you like a job
We only stop when it's dark
I don't know why the sun is hard, but it is
I miss me and you when we was kids

When all we had to do was trouble
Between you and me we made it double
The only thing we faught harder than us was everything else
You taught me how to take that and respect myself
We went round and round once or twice, that's the truth
It's settled now, we ain’t gotta be tough
We get to be me n you.

We never liked each other much, back when we was kids
We got along made the best out of what it is
It always felt hard, you were, I was soft
We fell out anyhow and found out what it cost


Turns out we get older, time makes love
It turned you into my brother, thank the lord above
Because I'm already missin’ one, I don't need to be missing two
We still don't talk much, but lovin’ you is what I do