Well That's Alright

My eyes look old beyond their time
But that's alright
Crowes feet crossed with laugh lines
Earned one at a time
And this beard maybe makes me look antique
But I know a girl, who gets weak in the knees

I've done a lot of lookin I've done a lot of livin’
It easy come an easy go but ain't none of it a given
There's a big life out there waiting for those
Who refuse to stand in line
And when I this life I live kills me before my time
Well that's alright

These eyes have seen the world in a way
They wouldn't care to share
The ups and downs and turn arounds
Some would would say unfair
But I know I've been given better than what I gave
I'll take take the highs and lows
And smile in my grave

These eyes have seen more than they ever planned for
But there's nothing really special about that.
In this life there's beauty, love and loss
But you'll never play the looser, if you never count the cost