What We Do

There's a place on Maddison where they sell country songs
You ain't gotta be good just look along
Tell the story of your heart for showing up
Most the time turns out it ain't enough

We got old coats made of polyester
They seem taylor made out of what we left there
New ones made out of stone
Wolves and liars on the throne
No one here really knows the truth...
We don't know why but this is what we do

On Thursday nights they turn the sound up
Maybe you got one maybe you don't
I got one I think will put the lights up
Maybe you like it, maybe you won't


It don't matter why it's not why we came here
I like that song over there, it don't cost a beer
It sounds better on my body than the last song that I heard
Maybe next week I'll get the nerve


We all live here singing songs and drinking beer
You don’t like mine, well I don’t like yours neither
That’s alright, well it ain’t wrong
We all get to sing along, and drink another beer
That's what were doing here