Wish You Were Here

I grew up on the hard side of town
Never knew it then but when I look back now
My mother worked all day and at night she went to school
Sure she'da rather been home with us, but you do what you gotta do
She never let us see there wasn't always enough
But I remember her looking hungry while we were cleaning up

Life is what happens between plans and pain
It's never what they said it'd be and it never stays the same
It's been a hard life it'a been harder without you here
I hope you know you're in my heart though I'm rarely ever near
I'm here to tell ya that I wouldn't change a thing
I hope my life makes you proud, makes you wanna sing
You better know I love you and I miss you with my tears
Though I can't be there with you momma I wish you were here

The times were tough sometimes they were mean
Never knew it then but from here it's plain to see
The road got rough when we had to make our own
And there was something missing, but we were not alone
You taught me to push on through however hard it gets
You taught me I can make it if I choose not to quit

There are no words to say how much you mean to me
There's no way I can show you all the things you made me see
I will always owe you for the things you did for me
Sure this life coulda been easy, but then where would we be?

I know you think you should shoulder all the blame
For the twists and turns our life took when we had to go away
But I'm here to tell you that Im happy and I'm free
I got a damn good life it's the one you gave to me
Things may not have turned out just the way you had planed
But it all went the way it had to I hope you know I understand