Wish You Wouldn't Go

I hope you find what your looking for
That southern cross and so much more
But more that that I hope you find what you need to be
I know you can't stay around here no more
And it will hurt like hell when you walk out that door
But more than that I hope you remember me when you leave
I wish you wouldn't go

Cause it's taken everything I have
To stand right here and hold your hand
And tell you what you need and not how I feel
And it feels like it's breakin' me apart
To stand right here looking in your heart
And hold back the words that scream I still love you
I wish you wouldn’t go

I hope you know the time we spent
Has meant the world and I don't regret
I need you to know how much I'm gonna miss you
I know there are things you need to do
And leaving me is gonna hurt you too
But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do

I couldn't help but feel
Like I was walking away from something real
I could be wrong but you might be the love of my life
This ain't the first time I ever walked away
But it's the very first time I ever wanted to stay
I hope I'm wrong when I feel like I'm loosing my mind

I hope when you find what you're looking for
You'll find it right here behind my door
But only time will tell for now you're leaving
I know that I can't keep you here
Any more than I can the pain and tears
But I need you to know that I won't be waiting

I wish you wouldn’t go