Worth Your Time

I never know when your around
What to do or how to feel inside
You lift me up before you let me down
Leave me hard and then you hurt my pride

But I am worth your time
And you’re takin’ up all of mine
I spend my days wondering what its like
To be with someone so fine
And I know iI am worth your time (x4)

And when you're here I sit and lie
To him and her and you and all the world
Were just friends here you and I
But I would love you if you were my girl
And when you're gone I wonder why
I never seem to be worth your time
You're such a social butterfly
Fly fly fly away
Fly away you're leaving me behind

I know you're way too cool and they all want you
But I would be your fool and I want you too
In the same room Just for a while
As I sit and grin you make me smile
Oh you make me smile yeah for a while
Ah ooh in the same room
Just me and you